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Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author, Educator, Counselor, Public Speaker, Visionary 


Born in Manitoba, and raised on the Canadian prairies, Nelson Camp is an entrepreneur currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba with his beautiful wife and two children. He is committed to community growth, positive relationships, and making a difference in the world. 

Nelson has a vast variety of skill-sets, including being a Real Estate Investor, Public Speaker, Author and Counselor He holds a master's degree in Education and believes that teaching wisdom to young people is the key to success of future generations.


Nelson has been involved in education for the last 20 years.  He has taught thousands of students in French Language Arts, Drama, English Language Arts, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy.  He also worked as a counselor for 10 years. 

He believes not only in educating young people in academic subject areas, but in helping them develop skills to become positive and productive global citizens.

He coaches aspiring real estate investors about how to be successful in real  estate investing.  Through 1-on-1 mentorship, he grooms individuals to be able to invest in: Buy and Hold, Flips, Rent-to-Own or Buy-Fix-Rent-Refinance.   a  Finally, he works with professionals in many industries by speaking about business, financial literacy, motivation, team-building, well-being and life choices.


Making a Difference... one life at a time!



"Nelson and I have worked together for five and a half years. Since then, I have appreciated that as a counselor, his door is always open to students and teachers alike. He always puts the interests of the children above anything else.

This year, we are sharing a classroom and as a result I often see him animating his business course. He is passionate about teaching kids to manage and make money and has an excellent relationship each student regardless of their academic level.

I have enjoyed working with Nelson. He is friendly, professional and easy to talk to." - Brian Selby


"I have known Nelson Camp personally and professionally for several years. We worked together, he worked with my children and we're also friends. Nelson is a very compassionate individual, a dedicated educator, a very wise and knowledgeable counselor, and an all-round professional nice guy!

If you're looking to working with Nelson in whatever capacity... as a client, supplier or partner, Nelson will exceed your expectations with his work ethic, trustworthiness, expertise and professionalism." - Louise Grouette Stockwell, President

"I have known Nelson for a number of years and found him to be an energetic and hard working entrepreneur.  He has used his financing talents and business acumen in the real estate industry to achieve significant growth and develop a considerable portfolio. He has done this, not for the sake of growth alone, but to generate attractive cash flows at the same time, both for him and his investors.

Nelson has a well balanced life - he has a lovely wife and children and finds time to teach entrepreneurship to students. Notwithstanding the above, I would say Nelson's greatest attribute would be his integrity and this is why I would have no hesitation having a business relationship with him." - Peter Debenham, Chartered Accountant


Nelson has won many awards, including Canadian Real Estate Wealth's Alternative Investor of the Year, The People's Choice Award from Team Made Real Estate and Top 100 most Influential People in North America by the John Maxwell Foundation.  He has been featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine over a dozen times. Read some of the articles here, at the bottom of the home page.

Nelson has been a volunteer with Junior Achievement of Manitoba for many years. As Company Program Advisor,  he coaches young people in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business. For four years in a row, Nelson was recognized as Advisor of the Year.

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