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"Money Tree clearly describes the key points of: plant, water, fertilize, and harvest the crop. It's a detailed roadmap to financial freedom!" Tahani, #1 Best-Selling Author
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"If only money grew on trees..."

How many times have you heard this? But what if there were a way to grow money? What if there were a way to grow an entire orchard of Money Trees?

Money Tree is a strategic guide for producing long-term wealth through real estate.
Using the time-tested principles of sowing and reaping, this book unveils the fundamental keys to understanding how investment in real estate works. Money Tree reveals the secret to becoming a millionaire in fewer than five years through real estate.

Whether a seasoned or novice investor, the system outlined in Money Tree is for everyone who is ready to life-changing results. Money Tree is your road map to becoming a millionaire in five years. No matter what your current financial situation is, or what you believe your limitations to be, author Nelson Camp has the answer.

Nelson Camp, M Ed, 
Winner of Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine's Alternative Investor of the Year
Winner of People's Choice Award - Team Made Real Estate
Winner of top 100 People of Influence in North America - John Maxwell Foundation