WHEN:  Tuesday, December 10th 2013, 7:00
WHERE: Canad Inns - Polo Park, 1405 St Matthew's Ave, Winnipeg, MB
ADMISSION: Free if you indicate you are my guest

There will be free books to be won, Starbucks coffee and cookies to enjoy and I'll be sharing about my book.  I'll also be doing a book signing and pictures. 

I'm happy to announce the release of my book Money Tree! This book means a great deal to me because it outlines for you the life-changing principles I applied to my business and my own life. I feel like I've been sitting on a gold mine, and all I've wanted to do is share it with you! Trust me, there's plenty of gold to go around.

The book is grounded in the fundamentals truths of agricultural principles - plant (sow), water, harvest (reap).  If you implement the proven techniques I detail in this book, you'll be setting yourself up to be a millionaire in fewer than five years. Let me ask you, if you do nothing different than you're doing now...if you keep punching that clock, working for your paycheck, and paying those bills, where will you be in five years? Well, if you're like most people, you'll be further in debt or at the most, not a whole lot better off than you are now.


If you commit to the simple principles I outline in my book, Money Tree, you'll find yourself in a far different place five years from now. Oh, how I long to see that happen for you. Will you take advantage of the opportunity I'd put at your fingertips? Will you jump on board and let your life be changed? I do hope so.  

And, when you buy this book and get ready to dive into your five-year plan, would you drop me a note and let me know that you're working the plan? And I'd love to hear all about it along the way. And then, five years from now, you'd better believe that I'll be celebrating with you as we step back and survey the results of your efforts.

I'm excited for you, friend.

May you reap all that you sow,